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Terms and Conditions

  • Ours prices include unlimited mileage, road tax, VAT and collision damage waiver insurance (CDW) with an excess accordingly with the rented group.
  • The rental is considered in a 24 hour period basis. The client will have a tolerance of 2 hours between delivery and return. If this tolerance is exceeded, an extra day payment will be required.
  • Drivers must held a valid driving license for a minimum of one year and be at least 21 years of age.
  • Supercdw insurance can be taken to cover the excess.
  •  PAI – Personal accident insurance is available at 3 € per day Max 63 € per rental with the following covers: 15.000.00 € per person for death or permanent incapability and 1.500.00 € per person for medical care’s and repatriation.
  • GPS – Global positioning system available at 5 € per day until 35 € per rental (this equipment has an excess of 150.00 €).
  • Baby, child and booster seats available at 4 € per day until 56 € per rental.
  • Additional driver available at 25 € per rental.
  • Faro Airport deliveries / collections – Between 08.00 AM and 8.00 PM are free of charge, between 8.00 PM and 08.00 AM there will be an extra charge of 40.00 €.
  • It is essential to sign and leave a credit card slip as a deposit to rent one of our cars. This slip will guarantee the deposit for petrol, excess insurance and damages not covered by insurance.
  • The client will be always responsible for the loss of keys, damaged tyres, forset locks, loss of documents, all the glass parts, car interiors and traffic fines.
  • Extra Charge for excessive dirtiness of the car may be applied, from 25.00 € to 100.00 €.
  • In case of accident we recommend client´s always to call local police (112). If the driver has been driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, in accordance with Portuguese Law, the driver will be responsible for the cost of any damage incurred. In case of break down, please contact us.
  • Tolls are the entire responsibility of the customer.
  • Leaving the accident site without the presence of the authorities or without prior communication with Resolvcar´s Staff, will be considered as a disrespect of the rental conditions. Client will be responsible for the payment of all expensive occurred in the accident.
  • Prices listed only work for rentals of 7 days or more. For rentals less than 7 days the prices have to be confirmed by the administration
  • Electronic billing systems for highways(tollroads) with the beginning of December 8, 2011, the toll collection is exclusively electronic on: Via do Infante (A22) in the Algarve, A23 (Beira Interior), A24 (internal North) and A25 (Beira Litoral and Alta).  How you can pay (3 options): payment is only available on the second day after the passage on the toll road and over a period of 5 working days, we encourage the costumer to not drive on these roads on the last rental day because it has no time for payment, 1- In the post-office, you can find the Post Office in the city centers and in the airport; 2-Payshop network, can be found in kiosks, cafes, newsagents and exist a list of agents on the Internet; 3-Purchasing the toll service to the Resolvcar, then the tolls’ price will be charged from the credit card of the client, total is €15+price of toll, the payment of that service is made in the begining of the rental and the price of the tolls after the rental, in this case the costumer do not need to worry about with the payment of the tolls.  If the customer declines to accept the service provided by Resolvcar, the customer has the responsibility of the tolls’ payment and any extra cost or fine due to the passage on the toll roads, according to the Law nº25/2006, of 30th June, in its current form, assuming the value of € 25 for the identification of the driver.
  • GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR HIRING VEHICLE (Draft from 25/07/2022 by Eng. Nelson Dias)RESOLVCAR RENT, LDA., tax number 509404487 headquartered in Estrada de São Brás-Vale da Amoreira-Caixa postal 138, 8005-514 Faro (hereafter named “HIRER”), hereby leases to the CLIENT (hereafter named “CLIENT”), identified signed and accepted, the vehicle (hereafter named “VEHICLE”) outlined in the terms and conditions specified in the rental contract which the CLIENT declares it has full and perfect knowledge and understanding, agreeing with their signature so to comply with, the terms and conditions contained in the following clauses.1 – Use and condition of the VEHICLE :

    1.1. The CLIENT expressly states that he received the VEHICLE in good working order, conservation and clean with the fuel as indicated in the contract, equipped with radio, warning triangle, odometer sealed, tools, accessories, five tires in good conditions and without punctures and all of the VEHICLE documentation.

    1.2. The CLIENT Commits to do a normal and prudent use ofvehicle and return it in the conditions given to them, if this does not happen, the CLIENT is responsible for paying the total costs presented by the HIRER that occured during the rental period.

    1.3. The CLIENT takes in charge the payment of all fuel consumed during the rental, as well as all costs, charges, fees, tolls, damages, losses and fines that occures under this lease, allowing the lessee to charge and get reimbursed by all means available from the CLIENT if it’s not payed and/or not comply with.

    1.4. The vehicle will only be driven by the CLIENT or by the people he indicated when signing contract and which appear expressly mentioned therein, committing the CLIENT the use the VEHICLE respecting the laws of the road traffic code and all applicable rules, and can not be used in any other way considering the contract breached if the vehicle is used as so:

    1. a) For the transport of goods in violation of regulations customs, or any unlawful activity.
    2. b) For persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or simulares.
    3. c) To move any vehicle or trailer for sporting events or other activities involving wearing the vehicle that is not normal.
    4. d) For the transport of passengers or goods involving paid services.
    5. e) With fuel or lubricants having different characteristics and quality of those mentioned by the manufacturer.
    6. f) For persons not authorized under this contract.

    1.5. Minimum driver’s age is 25 years and driving license with minimum 2 years experience.

    1.6. The CLIENT is obliged to, outside the periods of use, have the VEHICLE properly closed and locked and not to leave the vehicles’s documents inside it, notwithstanding that, in any event, he is always be their bearer and responsible for these documents. 

    1.7. In case of loss or misplacement of documents or VEHICLE keys, regardless of the reasons presented, the CLIENT is responsible for the payment of the sum of € 250.00 to the hirer.

    1.8. The exit of the vehicle from Continental Portugal is expressly prohibited without prior written permission of the hirer.

    1.9. Smoking is not allowed inside the vehicle and the evidence of such conduct implies the payment of 200€ penalty.

    2 – Hire, Prepayment and Extension of Contract:

    2.1. The CLIENT is obliged to return the vehicle at the place, date and time specified in the contract, unless prior arrangement,under penalty of, if not so, considering contract terminated and responsible for the minimum payment of 400€ in compensation.

    2.2. With the collecting of the vehicle, the estimated value of the rental including extras must be paid by the CLIENT according to the type of vehicle and the specified contract rate plus a prepayment defined by the HIRER.

    2.3. In no case the cash deposit may serve as payment of extension of the rental.

    2.4. Car deliveries and collections between 20:00 and 8:00 have a cost of 40€. Out of hours.

    2.5. In the case the CLIENT’S wish to stay with the vehicle beyond period initially agreed, he must obtain within 24 hours in advance from the HIRER a rental permit for extension of the contract, the HIRER withholds the option to accept or not this extension, and if this is accepted, the CLIENT obliged to immediately pay the amount corresponding to their extension contract. In case there is no such consent it is considered that the vehicle starts to circulate without authorization and against the will of its owner, being the criminal offense pursuant to paragraph 7 of Article 58 of the Road Code.

    2.6. In case the CLIENT delay the return of the vehicle for more than one hour, the HIRE will charge between 50€ and 200€

    2.7. Failure to comply with the preceding paragraph allows the HIRER to trigger criminal or judicial prosecution as appropriate.

    2.8. The HIRER reserves the right to pass on to the CLIENT all costs incurred by untimely extension as agreed by all parties, including damage or theft, to be his exclusive responsibility and may even loose the protection insurance he contracted.

    2.9. The HIRER may at any time reduce the period of rental contract and demand the return of the vehicle.

    1. The CLIENT have to return the vehicle at the rental station, except prior authorization, within working hours.

    3 – Payments:

    The CLIENT expressly obliged to pay to the HIRER:

    1. a) The amount corresponding to kilometers traveled and/or days used are calculated according to the tariff in force.
    2. b) The value of the cost of collecting the vehicle according to existing table if left other than the specified location without prior written consent of the HIRER. Never less than €500.
    3. c) The amount of damage to the vehicle and damages arising out of the conditions the agreement and the insurance policy.
    4. d) The cost of repair and the damage due to shock, collision, rollover and/or theft of the vehicle and its immobilization. For effect of this subparagraph is understood that:

    – The charges will be according to the rates in effect at the time that the facts occurred to a maximum compensation of the price of a new vehicle;

    – There shall be no responsibility of the CLIENT under this paragraph provided that the vehicle has been used in accordance with all terms and conditions contained in the agreement and, cumulatively, have previously contracted with the HIRER to pay the fee used to cover own damage as signed  in the contract, being however always responsible for paying the deductible in effect according to the updated rental rate.

    1. e) All costs, charges, fees and tolls giving rise under this rental.
    2. f) Fines to the vehicle derived from any type of infringement and any penalties the Courts and Administrative Authorities following the processes to the alleged infringement, where the CLIENT recognizes as accused, is also responsable cumulatively for all judicial and extrajudicial costs incurred, unless proven that these lead exclusively to the HIRER.
    3. g) All other expenses including administrative, judicial and non-judicial, attorney fees, solicitor or outside company collectors hired by the HIRER to obtain the payment of any sums due by the CLIENT.

    Charges with minor damage:

    1. h) The CLIENT also agrees to pay minor damages to the vehicle resulting from its use in the rental period, damage whose type and value of the repairs are listed in the table provided to the CLIENT. To this effect are considered damages not listed indicated in the Contract, the inception date of the agreement and whose joint obligation from the CLIENT and HIRER.
    2. i) The CLIENT via this contract agrees and authorizes the HIRER specifically to charge to his credit card or other means all costs, damages, losses, charges, tolls, fines, infringements, fees, taxes, fuel missing, cleaning of the vehicle and other other subject arising from the rental vehicle.
    3. j) In case of return of the vehicle before the end determined in the contract by the CLIENT, there will be no refund of money for any reason.

    4 – insurance coverage

    4.1. The vehicle is covered by liability insurance and damage to third parties of limited value. The insurance does not cover own damage, total or partial theft of the vehicle, injury to the driver or occupants. the CLIENT declares it has full knowledge of terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

    4.2. The insurance can cover, if the CLIENT agrees and contract the following additional coverages:

    1. a) Own Damage – THE CLIENT that subscribe to this coverage will only respond by payment of the deductible in the contract, if, as a result of its use, the vehicle suffer damage or is stolen in its total or any of its components. Must indicate in DAAA – Friendly Auto Accident Statement – a Third Party responsibilaty for the damage caused to the vehicle; must submit documentary evidence of a complaint of theft made to the police authority in the area where it occurred.

    This coverage is null if in case of total theft of the vehicle ths CLIENT does not return the keys of the stolen vehicle to the HIRER.

    – This coverage does not release the CLIENT from paying all damages caused to the rental car resulting from misuse of the same, as well as the damage to the top or bottom of the vehicle provided that no collision accured.

    -In case of accident by speeding, driving under influence of alcohol or narcotics or negligent driving, these coverages are without effect being the responsibility of the CLIENT to pay all the costs of repair and compensation corresponding to the downtime of the crashed vehicle.

    1. b) With or without liability for the accident, with or without contracted own damages, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay €150 of expenses related to the claim resolution process.
    2. c) Personal Accident Insurance – may be established by agreement, benefiting the driver and passengers carried, an individual insurance injury whose limit is set out in the insurance policy and that also provides coverage for medical care and hospital expenses within certain limits, upon payment of a daily subscription fee and confirmed by signature in the corresponding contract.

    4.3. The CLIENT agrees to defend the interests of the HIRER and the Insurance Company of the HIRER in the event of an accident during the period of this rental as follows:

    1. a) it obliges you to participate to the HIRER any accident, theft, fire, even if partial, within 24 hours, it obliges simultaneously to participate the police authorities all the accident in which there are injuries, cases of robbery or theft and those in which the guilt of the other party should be clarified;
    2. b) Obliges you to mention in the participation the circumstances in which the accident occurred, the date, time, name and address of the witness; the name address of the owner and the driver of the third vehicle involved, registration and make of the vehicle, Insurance Company and policy number of the third party vehicle, in principle to fill in full and correctly DAAA – Friendly Auto Accident Statement.
    3. c) Obliged not to declare, in no case responsible or guilty of the accident.

    4.4. The CLIENT is aware that in the event of an accident and immobilization of the rented vehicle, it is not entitled to another vehicle. The CLIENT can rent and pay for another car if there is availability. The accident was not the fault of the HIRER.

    5 – Maintenance, Fuels, Oils and Repair

    5.1. Normal mechanics maintenance resulting from normal use is due to the HIRER. In the case of vehicle is immobilized, the repairs may only be carried out with prior, written consent of HIRER and according to the instructions given. Repairs have to be detailed on the invoice, detailing the parts replaced.

    5.2. The fuels are payed by the CLIENT, also always check the oil and water levels.

    5.3. In case of the introduction of different types of fuel used by the car, the CLIENT is responsible for expenses inherent in the complete replacement of the fuel, dismantling and the washing of the fuel deposit, engine tuning and other damage to vehicle unopposed to their amounts.

    5.4. The HIRER will not be responsible for mechanical failure of the vehicle or consequential damages, while taking all precautions and employ their best efforts to avoid such events.

    5.5. In case of defect/malfunction of any component of the vehicle that does not require the vehicle to be immobilized, the CLIENT must go to the company headquarters for the repair or exchange of the vehicle. If the vehicle is immobilized, the CLIENT will be entitled to transport to the company’s facilities in order to exchange the vehicle, if applicable. If there are no vehicles available, the HIRER will refund the value of the remaining rental days to the CLIENT.

    6 – Validity of Rental

    6.1. Any infringement of these clauses authorizes termination by the HIRER of the contract, to withdraw the vehicle from the CLIENT without notice, notwithstanding the compensation to which, in legal terms or contract, it is obliged to fulfill and satisfy.

    6.2. Any and all amendments, additions to the terms of this Contract and which have not been agreed upon in writing shall be null and have no effect.

    6.3. The Client must address the HIRER’S nearest office to rectify his rental contract. The vehicle which circulates beyond the deadline stated in the rental contract incurs legal penalties of the responsibility of the CLIENT.

    7 – Law and Jurisdiction
    The parties agree to establish the jurisdiction of the District of Faro to
    settle any dispute or litigation arising from this contract, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.

    8 – Toll Pass/E-Toll Service By obligation of the Portuguese Government, the Rent-a-car companies must manage and collect tolls from customers. Decreto-Lei n.º 84-C/2022 09 dezembro.

    The use of the motorway involves the payment of tolls, the corresponding amount will be charged to the customer’s credit card, as well as the administrative/device fee of €1.9 per day of rental up to a maximum of €19.00, values already include VAT in the contract. Motorways that have a barrier, the customer must obligatorily take the ticket and pay at the end of the journey. If the driver violates this rule, he will be penalized €35 plus the amount of the toll for each infraction.